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A circle, a triangle and a square
A circle, a triangle and a square

Dancer of Japanese Dance
Teacher of Japanese Dance


 Every year she has had own recital and taken part in the festival in abroad
She has choreographed 3 or 4 dances and published in many shows every year.
She lives in Kanagawa in Japan


Personal history
At the age of 2    Began to learn Japanese Dance from her mother (Japanese Dance teacher)

1975   Won the Championship of the Japanese National Dance Contest in the Japanese Dance section.
1984       Won the prize of the Toyoko Dance Creation.
1985       Won the Championship of the Japanese National Dance Contest in the choreography section.
1986       Won the prize of the Japanese Dance Society
1993       Won the Art Festival Prize of the Agency for Cultural Affairs

1997       Won the prize of Tetsuji Takechi

2015       Won the Design for Asia Awards 2015 Merit for


2018   Won A'Design Award Silver A' Design Award 

                Won the Design for Asia Awards 2018


Shows in foreign countries
1997-2000  Edinbergh Festival Fringe in the United Kingdom.
2001-2018  Avignon Festival Off in France
2004           Montreal Festival Fringe in Canada
1999           London Presance Theatre in the United Kingdom.
2000          Thessaloniki  Miros Theatre in Greace
2001           Three cities in Mexico
2002          Three cities in France

2014          Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree in Paris

                    Korean Dance & Arts Center in Seoul 

2017          Daegu Arts Center in   Daegu(Korea)

                   Bongsan cultural center in   Daegu(Korea)

2019        "Japan Mania" in Meyrargues(France)

The press in abroad
With her beautiful mask-like face, she may resemble a Japanese doll, but her dance betrays a steely formal strength. (List in Edinbergh)
Egiku excited audience with the simplify including a lot of expression  ( Auxerrois in Auxerre)
Her dance is rich in expression, atmosphere, skill and training.  ( Environs in Nevers)
「哀し」The Weaving Crane    「春」Spring 
「スイートホーム」The Sweet Home  「冥府の女」 A lady from the next world
「レディマクベス」Lady Macbeth 「サロメは鳥」Salome is a bird   

「平家物語を語り継ぐ」Telling The story of Heike etc.